Treasure Trove
Rank: Rank Major Major
Type: Gathering
Location: Temple Galleries
Time Limit: 30:00
Fastest Time: 10:15
Rank Points: 128
Prerequisite Mission(s):
The Stone Gate
Unlocked Mission(s):
Hidden Knowledge
Bonus Materials
100% Bronze Coin
Quality Copper
Random Silver Coin
Gold Coin

CLAW is gathering gold and treasures from the Temple to fund their army. Beat them to the punch and steal everything!


Main Objective Reward: $3500.00
Find 8 Gold Coins.
Extra Objective A Reward: $1000.00
Find 5 Silver Coins.
Extra Objective B Reward: $1000.00
Find 5 Bronze Coins.
Secret Objective Reward: $400.00
Find 1 Jewel Crown.