Torture Cabin
Rank: Rank Recruit Recruit
Type: Rescue
Location: Ruins
Time Limit: 15:00
Fastest Time: 2:30
Rank Points:
Prerequisite Mission(s):
Save Ironside!
Unlocked Mission(s):
Raw Materials
The Steel Soldier
Bonus Materials
100% Steel
Random Silicon

Ironside was brought to a cabin to be tortured. Get him out of there before it's too late!


Main Objective Reward: $500.00
Rescue 1 hostage
Extra Objective A
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $100.00
Find 1 Gold Coin

There are 2 Gold Coins hidden in the level, both of which require C4 to acquire.

  • Second Gold Coin: Just before heading upward to the cabin holding Ironside, there is a ladder heading downward. On the right side of this ladder, a Drillerella blocks the next stone door. Behind it is a Gold Coin in the Supply Box.