The Holy Glades
Rank: Rank Major Major
Type: Infiltration
Location: Ruins
Time Limit: 25:00
Fastest Time: 5:45
Rank Points: 128
Unlocked Mission(s):
To the Old Temple
Biologist: M.I.A.
Bonus Materials
100% Quality Fabric
Quality Wood
Random Quality Copper
Medium Meat

On your way back from the Dam, Choppy detected CLAW troops venturing deeper into the Jungle. We should check it out.


Main Objective Reward: $3400.00
Reach the Temple.
Extra Objective A Reward: $600.00
Kill 16 Griff Patrolmen.
Extra Objective B Reward: $1000.00
Capture Titan Trooper.
Secret Objective Reward: $400.00
Neutralize Toxic Soldier.