Resistance Rescue!
Rank: Rank Lieutenant Lieutenant
Type: Rescue
Location: Jungle Path
Time Limit: 2:00
Fastest Time: 1:20
Rank Points: 32
Unlocked Mission(s):
Bonus Materials
100% Glass
Quality Brass
Random Amber

A Resistance member, Digger was captured and will be executed soon! Hurry up and stop her executioner!


Main Objective Reward: $1100.00
Rescue 1 Hostage
Extra Objective A Reward: $1100.00
Neutralize Pikeman.
Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $300.00
Find 1 Titan Plate

• Note: The Titan Plate can be found in the Biologist's Hideout. It can be reached after rescuing Digger and will still count even if MISSION SUCCESS appears.