Materials are used to craft and customize items such as weapons, knives, mods, and to improve the body armor of your characteadsaw 

Bluebell and Ironside craft weapons, biomods and knives, respectively. Materials are dropped by dead enemies, or can be found in containers and crates during missions. After a mission you will get rewarded with one or more materials. 

Normal MaterialsEdit

Name Drops Supply Boxes Mission Rewards
Material Acid Tank Acid Tank Prime Soldier Namtar
Material Adamantite Adamantite Exterminator Steel Soldier Squad Material Recovery
Live and Let Die
Material Afterburner Afterburner Doomsday Harrier
Hellfire Harrier
Material Aluminum Aluminum Flyer
Material Amber Amber Mandrake
Mandrake Looper
Material Aramid Aramid Armored Runner
Griff Charger
Material Blade Capacitor Blade Capacitor Battery Carrier
Volt Soldier
Material Blade Catalyst Blade Catalyst Hazmat Carrier
Toxic Soldier
Material Blade Cryocooler Blade Cryocooler Iceberg Carrier
Cryo Soldier
Material Blade Igniter Blade Igniter
Material Blade Shard Blade Shard Steel Soldier
Material Blade Tooth Blade Tooth Mega Looper
Material Blitzhound Fang Blitzhound Fang Blitzhound K9
Material Blitzhound Paw Blitzhound Paw Blitzhound K9
Material Bone Bone
Material Brass Brass
Material Bronze Coin Bronze Coin
Material Bulwark Skin Bulwark Skin Mega Mandrake
Material Burning Blood Burning Blood Violence Kings
Material Ceramic Ceramic Armadillon
Material Chromium Chromium
Material Copper Copper
Material CPU Cooler CPU Cooler
Material Depleted Uranium Depleted Uranium
Material Diamond Diamond
Material Doomsday Plate Doomsday Plate Doomsday Harrier
Hellfire Harrier
Material Doomsday Pod Doomsday Pod Doomsday Harrier
Hellfire Harrier
Material Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit
Material Electron Tank Electron Tank
Material Fabric Fabric
Material Feather Feather Partridge
Material Fetid Pulp Fetid Pulp Mega Mandrake
Material Fiberglass Fiberglass
Material Fuel Cell Fuel Cell
Material Fusion Core Fusion Core Metal Woof
Material Galena Galena
Material Glass Glass
Material Gold Coin Gold Coin
Material Gold Cup Gold Cup
Material Guano Guano
Material Gun Capacitor Gun Capacitor
Material Gun Catalyst Gun Catalyst
Material Gun Cryocooler Gun Cryocooler
Material Gun Igniter Gun Igniter
Material Imperial Alloy Imperial Alloy Prime Soldier Namtar
Prime Soldier Thor
Prime Soldier Ifrit
Material Incisor Thorn Incisor Thorn Mega Mandrake
Material Ineffable Organ Ineffable Organ Dr. Neil
Material Iron Muzzle Iron Muzzle Blitzhound K9
Material Jewel Crown Jewel Crown
Material Kingly Stone Kingly Stone Prime Soldier Namtar
Prime Soldier Thor
Prime Soldier Ifrit
Material Large Meat Large Meat
Material Lead Lead
Material Leaf Spring Leaf Spring
Material Leather Leather
Material Lithium Lithium
Material Medium Meat Medium Meat
Material Mega Rotor Mega Rotor Mega Looper
Material Molecule Phaser Molecule Phaser Metal Woof
Material Napalm Tank Napalm Tank Prime Soldier Ifrit
Material Nitrogen Nitrogen
Material Papaya Papaya
Material Pelt Pelt
Material Phosphorus Phosphorus
Material Platinum Coin Platinum Coin
Material Polymer Polymer
Material Power Supply Power Supply Tiny Computer
Material Quality Aluminum Quality Aluminum
Material Quality Aramid Quality Aramid
Material Quality Bolt Quality Bolt
Material Quality Brass Quality Brass
Material Quality Ceramic Quality Ceramic
Material Quality Copper Quality Copper
Material Quality Fabric Quality Fabric
Material Quality Glass Quality Glass
Material Quality Lead Quality Lead
Material Quality Leather Quality Leather
Material Quality Pin Quality Pin
Material Quality Polymer Quality Polymer
Material Quality Silicon Quality Silicon
Material Quality Spring Quality Spring
Material Quality Steel Quality Steel
Material Quality Titanium Quality Titanium
Material Quality Wood Quality Wood
Material Quantum Chip Quantum Chip Tiny Computer
Material Regular Bolt Regular Bolt
Material Regular Pin Regular Pin
Material Regular Spring Regular Spring
Material Rifle Catalyst Rifle Catalyst
Material Rifle Cryocooler Rifle Cryocooler
Material Robotic Claw Robotic Claw Steel Soldier
Material Rubber Rubber
Material Ruby Eye Ruby Eye Munsterlander
Material Ruby Rod Ruby Rod Munsterlander
Material Rusty Bolt Rusty Bolt
Material Rusty Pin Rusty Pin
Material Rusty Spring Rusty Spring
Material Sapphire Core Sapphire Core Munsterlander
Material Scarlet Pelt Scarlet Pelt Fox The Biologist
Material Silicon Silicon
Material Silver Bracelet Silver Bracelet
Material Silver Coin Silver Coin
Material Small Meat Small Meat
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Material Steel Steel
Material Stone Tablet Stone Tablet
Material Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric Acid
Material Tainted Blood Tainted Blood Dr. Neil
Material Titan Crankshaft Titan Crankshaft Titan Trooper
Toxic Trooper
Tundra Trooper
Material Titan Plate Titan Plate Burning Carrier
Titan Trooper
Toxic Trooper
Material Titanium Titanium
Material Titanium Bone Titanium Bone Metal Woof Steel Soldier Squad
Material Track Plate Track Plate
Material Tungsten Tungsten
Material Turtle Shell Turtle Shell Violence Kings
Material Tusk Tusk Boar
Material Voltaic Neuron Voltaic Neuron Dr. Neil
Material Wicked Idol Wicked Idol Violence Kings
Material Wood Wood Mandrake

Special ItemsEdit

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