Portrait King
Role: Super Infantry Expert
Faction: Mercenary Kings

Laconic and cool under pressure, King is the mercenary you want for your high-risk missions. Early in his military career, he knew there was nothing better than being his own boss. Along with Empress and other key personnel, he co-founded the paramilitary action & rescue team-for-hire: Mercenary Kings! His “Super Advanced Infantry Training” has led him all over the globe — because there’s always a world-domination plot to diffuse. Never heard of such a cleanup crew? Of course you haven’t — secret missions are just that, but King prefers the anonymity.

Satisfied by a mission well won, he’s more of the sit-back-and-smile brand of mercenary, content with cozying up with a crossword in celebration (done in ink, indicating massive confidence).



Animated SpritesEdit

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