Fashion District
Rank: Rank Private Private
Type: Gathering
Location: Military City
Time Limit: 30:00
Fastest Time: 9:00
Rank Points:
Prerequisite Mission(s):
Clear For Landing
Bonus Materials
100% Fabric
Rusty Pin
Silver Coin

CLAW soldiers' outfits sure are stylish! Gather nice fabrics for the Runway Brothers. And bring back jewelry!

Completing the mission unlocks additional outfit colors at the Runway Brothers.


Main Objective Reward: $600.00
Find 10 Fabric
Extra Objective A Reward: $600.00
Find 2 Diamonds

The Diamonds are located in the Resistance Headquarters in the lower right corner of the map. C4 is required to enter the area.

Extra Objective B
Secret Objective Reward: $150.00
Neutralize 2 Auto Carriers

The first Auto Carrier is on the immediate left of the starting location.

The second Auto Carrier is on the right, just after passing the Scanners.